Murray-RothbardArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

In the 1990s Russia experienced anarchy.  The Ruble experienced hyper-inflation, followed by the collapse of the Soviet super-state.  The country continued to have laws, yet they became completely unenforceable by virtue of their overabundance and massive corruption.  It became impossible to follow the rules and run a business or live a normal life, so the rules were simply universally ignored.  This was a time of legal ambiguity.  It was not long after the collapse of the Soviet state, that the «New Russians,» i.e. the Russian organized crime syndicates, took control of the streets and most businesses, large and small.  The people began to adapt to the power vacuum left behind by the Soviet government by engaging in direct barter and individual enterprises that simply ignored the absurd and unenforced laws of the land; yet not a year had gone by before gangs took control.  President Yeltsin tried, without success, to restore order while maintaining a free-market economy.  After three terms, he had managed to substantially slow the deterioration of the currency, and had established some order, yet the economy was still firmly in the hands of the Russian mob, and the government was powerless to stop them.  The man who finally was able to restore law and order was Vladimir Putin — a tyrant; yet, a moderate tyrant, by Russian standards.  You can now start a business in Russia — and I know some people who have.  You can run a business without fear of being shaken down by organized crime, and it is safe to walk the streets.  People have money, and people have some freedom of movement.  People are able to speak their minds — for the most part.  Yet, when it comes to big business, the largest companies are firmly under the control of the state, and media companies that criticize Putin frequently find themselves shut down or bought out.

This has been my personal experience with anarchy.

What is anarchy?

Anarchy is the absence of government.

What is government?

Government is the organized application of force.

Anarchy_Wallpapers__by_grazxNow, there are a number of ideas that go under the name, «anarchy,» such as anarcho-syndicalism and anarcho-communism, but the only genuine form of anarchism is anarcho-capitalism, a la Murray Rothbard, et. al.  The reason for this is that anarcho-capitalism is the only anarchic ideology that genuinely advocates for the abolition of any kind of continuous organized force.  All other anarchic ideologies simply apply the organization of force either to the workers, or to the local governments, or some group other than what is currently perceived of as being government; which does not abolish government, but simply alters which hands are at the helm of government.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, anarchy, throughout history, and as I’ve seen personally, tends to be de facto anarchy, and not genuine anarchy, because it typically develops when there are rules which are in place, but they are generally not followed.  They are not followed, because that institution which used to be the government is no longer able to enforce them.  A law is a general, categorical directive backed by force, with the threat of punitive action.  If it can no longer be backed by force, then it ceases to be law in any practical sense.  The government need not succeed in applying punitive action in all cases for it to be law, but it must succeed in doing so a certain percentage of the time; to the extent that it creates a measure of pause among at least some of the population when they consider the idea of violating the categorical directive in question.  If a small group forcibly applies directives to its members — then it is a government, however small.  Pushing the issue down to communities or workforces, therefore, does not abolish government; it merely changes the organizational structure of it.  Anarcho-capitalism is the only form of government which excludes any kind of sustained organized force designed to apply categorical directives, and is thus unique in that it describes a genuine anarchical system.

thA state of true anarchy is difficult to sustain, because what usually happens is that violent men realize that they may organize together to apply force to other individuals to get whatever it is they want (commodities, power, women, land, etc.).  If they succeed in doing this, then they establish a tyranny.  If, on the other hand, the people, in turn, organize to resist them and protect their persons and their homes, and then establish an order which keeps the individuals and their properties secure from the initiation of force, then what emerges is a republic.  It is very difficult to maintain a state of anarchy without going in one of these two directions.

31Russia was an anarchy that swiftly devolved into an organized criminal tyranny.  Yeltsin attempted to establish a Republic, but, ultimately, was unable to stop the tyrannical rule of the gangs on the street.  Finally, Putin was able to wrest control from the criminals, yet his own system is far from being a pure republic.  It is a limited tyranny, which allows for some republican activities, so long as they do not pose any kind of threat to the status quo.  Now, I think that the takeaway is that people can only be free to the extent that they are capable of taking responsibility for themselves, and are willing and able to take it upon themselves to destroy a man, or group of men, who pose a threat to their persons, properties, and families; which means that they have to independently establish strong bonds with their fellow men, and be able to organize themselves very quickly.  Russia was unable to achieve true freedom, because they spent 70 years under Communism, and many hundreds of years under monarchy before that, and so their society never had to learn how to start a business and be self-sufficient.  This is something they’ve had to learn on the fly — and they’ve come a long way very quickly, but the reason their anarchic state has settled on a tyrannical system (albeit, a tyranny limited in scope), is because they have been behind the power curve on the concepts of individual responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Islamic-Welfare-StateIs anarchy possible to sustain?  Yes.  The Israelites in the Old Testament were able to sustain anarchy for hundreds of years under the prophets, but they did frequently have to organize themselves to stop an invasion, and they enjoyed a culture which promoted individual responsibility and social cohesion.  Anarchy is possible, but only for a society which consists of powerful and tightly knit people.  Perhaps one day we will be up to it, but at present, in my opinion, we are not.  Our culture is increasingly one of irresponsibility, alienation, and cowardice.  If we can return to a republican state; one in which our livelihood and safety must come from our friends, our families, and ourselves, and not the state, then perhaps our childrens’ children will be fit for this, but at present we are not.


22d03086d426e5efb23078dbc1ad210a_1MEditorial by Barbara Cornell.

Syndicated from Barbara Cornell’s personal blog.

Thomas Jefferson was an architect.

John Adams was a lawyer.

Samuel Adams was a brewer.

Alexander Hamilton was an author and a lawyer.

pelosidow-213x300John Hancock was a shipping and wholesale merchant.

Members of the Continental Congress operated farms and conducted businesses.

It used to be that our elected officials earned an actual, productive living. Which means that they came together to enact legislation, make decisions and conduct the business of the government when necessary and then went home to support themselves and their families.

People who have a responsibility to fend for themselves and their families generally do not have time to interfere with whom you have sex with, what you eat (or smoke) or how you pray (or don’t). Only people who have no lives of their own can afford to be busybodies, tending to and intruding into the lives of others.

John_Boehner_at_the_barThe professional politician is the pernicious plague of our generation.

Member of Congress was intended as a temporary, part time, volunteer servant, not a career.

Term limits. No perquisites. No Congressional pensions. No Congressional health plans.

Washington: Go home and get to work.


325634Article by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Forget drugs, forget oil, forget wealthy religious extremists — the fiat currency of terrorism is knock-off handbags and bootleg DVDs: so says a source I’ve spoken to who shall remain anonymous.  According to this source, these kinds of items, along with knock-off Tiffanys’ jewelry items and other counterfeited luxury items, are the primary means by which criminals and terrorists get their money from «Point A» to «Point B.»

It seems unbelievable.  It’s certainly one of the most under-reported aspects of the criminal world, if true.

So I did some research.

DVD RAROS BOOTLEGRonald K. Noble of Interpol via the LA Times: «The global trade in counterfeit goods is estimated at $400 billion to $450 billion a year.»  Later in the article, he is quoted as saying that: «Counterfeit cigarette trafficking by paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland and profits from counterfeit CDs and other goods being funneled to Hezbollah in the Mideast.»

Hitha Prabhakar, a noted investigative journalist, wrote an entire book on the subject.  At the beginning of the book, she quotes a review of it by one Dana Thomas: «Counterfeiting is one of the least-acknowledged, most-damaging crimes of our time. In Black Market Billions, Hitha exposes this nefarious world of the violent syndicates and the crimes they commit—human trafficking, forced child labor, money laundering—and discovers that the profits fund even worse acts such as terrorism.  You’ll never look at a fake Louis Vuitton handbag the same way again.»

It seems the issue is important enough to have garnered the attention of Congress, as well.

terrorismIt has been put to me in the following manner: «You cannot board a cruise ship with more than $9,999.99; if you want to transport $10,000.00, the way you do it: you take a bunch of knock-off hand-bags and sell them to a contact in the destination country.  Every time we catch a terrorist, he’s holed up with weapons, explosives, and tens of thousands of bootleg CDs.»

It seems heroin is for amateurs.  The pros deal in faux Versace, apparently.


douchebagsEditorial by Barbara Cornell.

Syndicated from Barbara Cornell’s personal blog.

Suppose you have a friend who who makes $45k a year who owes $50k in credit card debt — not mortgages, not car loans, not loans that build equity, just simple living-beyond-his-means consumer debt — and expects to owe $100k in credit card debt by the end of next year because of things he’s already bought but hasn’t received the bills for yet. Now this friend asks you, «Do you think I should buy season tickets to the Mets or should I install a third swimming pool at my 2nd beach house?»

What do you tell your friend?

The US Congress is that friend.

Our current federal debt ($14 trillion) exceeds our gross domestic product (approx $13 trillion) and the federal debt is expected to double in the next few years*

congressTranslation: The federal government could confiscate 100% of everything everyone in the entire country produces this year and still not pay off what we owe on what we’ve already spent, and we’ve already made agreements to double this problem before we have any opportunity to «counsel» (with our votes) the people in government who are currently in office.

Taxation has no hope of fixing anything (unless you and everybody you know is prepared to work for the next two years without pay to bail out the country). So, discussions of whether we should tax the rich people more or corporations more, or whether we should have tax credits for production or tax credits for working poor are pointless. The time when we had any choice of what we should pay for and what we should not has come and gone. Soon we will not be able to borrow enough to meet basic human needs (clean water, police protection, defense of our national borders, sewage pumped somewhere besides the middle of the streets).

48tGY1It no longer matters which project you believe deserves to be paid for by the US taxpayer.

The Age of Entitlement must end.

That isn’t a political imperative. That is a simple, emotionless statement of fact.

Let me put it another way:

The Age of Entitlement will end.

Whether you believe that it should or not, whether you believe that it ever existed or not, whether you think it’s fair to use the term or not, it will end.

The only choice we have now is whether we can prevent this nation from becoming the next third world.


*For skeptics: depends on whom you talk to. The White House official budget publicity release says both that the budgets over the next 3 years will incur deficits of over $6 trillion and that they will reduce the debt by $1.1 trillion. I’m not sure whom they think they’re fooling with their double talk. However, estimates that include expected reduction in the amount that social security will contribute to the federal budget place the deficits much higher even than their worst-case admissions.


titleArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

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fda-poison_signArticle by Barbara Cornell.

Syndicated from Barbara Cornell’s personal blog.

I’ve been a life-long sufferer of allergies and extreme insomnia, and assumed they were inescapable consequences of my genes but a livable compromise considering longevity came with the package, every woman in my family for as far back as the eye could see had a red nose and sneezing, lurked around all night when decent people were asleep, and lived to 100 years old. But I did fight the allergies for a while even so. I tried every antihistamine and sleeping potion known to man, I tried the shots, I tried the bee pollen, I tried the pills, the creams, the potions.

Eventually, at about 30 years old I declared, «I will not be pushed around by my heredity!» and adopted the ignore-them-and-they’ll-go-away method of dealing with allergies and insomnia.

Which didn’t work.

I asked several doctors if my diet could contribute, and finally gave up seeking useful information when a doctor told me (I quote — loosely),

«What you eat has nothing to do with your medical conditions, here, swallow this chemical.»

And so, about 10 years ago, I decided that western medicine had nothing to offer in the way of relief, eastern homeopathy had nothing better. I would figure it out for myself.

The first thing I did was discard everything that came from the pharmaceutical- and food manufacturing-lobbied FDA and began to explore the logic of food, reading everything I could get my hands on by people who had educations, experience and nothing to gain from pleasing Dow Chemical and the corn lobby. A few simple truths, which should have been obvious but you will never hear them from a food manufacturer, emerged.

1) The closer a food is to the way it appears in nature, the better it is for you. Your mind may have «evolved» beyond the farm, but your body has not. It doesn’t know what to do with all those chemical food substitutes you put into it, and so it either stores them in your fat cells (to be dumped back en-masse into your blood if you lose weight), sloughs them off through your excrement (and fails to extract whatever nutrition there may have been available thereby starving your cells) or floats them around like a bad debt to see who will claim them (ie: free radicals, particles with unpaired electrons that bond with other particles in your body and leave damaged cells that replicate in the same damaged condition, also knows as «cancer».) Even things that are labeled «healthy» may not be, for example «decaffeinated» coffee has the caffeine removed by chemicals, creating a so-called «healthy» alternative which is actually more unhealthy than the natural caffeinated beverage.

2) Extreme reliance on any single food to the exclusion of others is not sustainable (think Ireland and the potato famine.) An examination of food labels (and a basic understanding of what those words mean) show an overwhelming reliance on corn and wheat. Nearly all processed foods are made almost entirely of either corn or wheat, and not merely natural corn and wheat, over-processed all-nutrition-extracted corn and wheat.

3) Fat is not bad, in fact fat is absolutely essential to healthy living. The worship at the altar of the «low fat diet» which was foisted on us in the 1980’s by the USDA in conjunction with the AMA, is one of the most dangerous ideas ever perpetrated on mankind. I’ve actually seen doctors recommend eating margarine instead of butter because «it has less fat.» Almost all processed fats are extracted via extreme heat or chemical wash, which damages them, creating free radicals. If you have to choose between something created by God and squeezed directly out of a cow’s udder or something manufactured Frankenstein-style in the bowels of Dow Chemical, it seems pretty obvious which your body prefers.

Eating fat does not cause you to be fat. Fat stores are created by insulin, the production of which is triggered by the presence of glucose, glucose is created more quickly by carbohydrates than fat.

I’ve actually seen low-fat baby formula and have with my own ears heard a doctor tell me that I should feed a toddler skim milk rather than whole milk. Your baby’s brain grows more in the first two years of life than in the rest of his life combined. The human brain is comprised of approximately the following:

78% water
12% lipids (ie: FAT)
8% protein
1% carbohydrate
1% salt and other biochemicals.

You have to wonder what kind of FDA prepared Kool-Aid you’d have to drink to believe that denying fat to your baby is a good idea.

4) Eating cholesterol does not cause high blood cholesterol levels. Your body needs cholesterol to survive (it is what your body uses to repair your blood vessels), your body will find it or create it, and if it perceives it is being starved of it, it will hoard it. Compare the blood cholesterol level of someone who eats chemical egg substitutes (ie: Egg Beaters) and someone who eats real, whole eggs straight from a chicken’s buttocks.

I was allergy and insomnia free and was in better health for the several years when I observed a strict all-natural diet balanced with healthy fats, natural carbs and home-grown or wild hunted proteins. Since I’ve fallen off that wagon, I suffer.

Time to get back on it.