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The anti-thesis of a tiger mom: snake mom.

I’ve been pretty disappointed in our culture for sometime, but I think this article was probably the low point.

Now, I’ve seen blog entries from women who claim that being the mistress to a string of married-with-children men is just a «life-style choice,» and that we should be just as respectful of their choices for relationships as anyone else.

I’ve had conversations with landlords who said they weren’t sure how to deal with renters who actually paid their own rent (because they’d never had a person whose entire support didn’t come from the state).

I’ve seen statements from our own government that instruct us that abortion is a reasonable birth control method.

But this woman has written an entire book on how it was perfectly reasonable to act on her «epiphany» that, after birthing and partially raising 4 children, she «didn’t want to be a mother anymore.»

«Sorry, baby, I changed my mind.»

She didn’t want to be a mother anymore.
She didn’t want to be a mother anymore.
She didn’t want to be a mother anymore.

Just like a Snickers, no matter how you slice it, it still comes up nuts.

1187056807-mAnd we are counseled to understand that that makes her a better mother because, when she was actually present in the lives of her children she «didn’t get to pick and choose which parts to be present for» and, after all, we accept when a man chooses not to be a father after the fact. She is, in fact, a «spiritual counselor,» paid to help people understand how to be better people. And she starts out by explaining that leaving your children to be raised by strangers because you’ve grown tired of it is not only acceptable, but a higher calling.

I have to wonder at what point does our culture become non-viable, and how far are we from that point? I can’t imagine we are far.