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«Justice Dept. to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us;» because: «Demanding warrants would be a burden to law enforcement in addition to ‘the court system.»

That’s right: «Don’t bother us with that…Constitution stuff! Dude! Getting warrants and stuff is such a drag! You’re totally harshing my buzz!»

Dear Mr Law Enforcement Professional,

Obtaining warrants for search and seizure is supposed to be a burden; that’s the whole point: that you can’t invade a person’s privacy unless you actually go to the effort of finding evidence that he’s a danger to someone. The point is: if it isn’t important enough for you to actually get off your duff and work, then it probably is just you being nosy. Due process: that’s what we’re paying you for.

Private Citizen (whose mundane, boring, legal existence is just simply not your business.)

I’m imagining a scenario where I go to my clients and tell them, «But actually doing what you’re paying me to do is…it’s like…work, man! Let’s be reasonable!»


65591_10151293070271884_597466037_nArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Alvin Schlangen, a sustainable dairy farmer from Minnesota has, in court, stymied the government’s attempt to systematically destroy his livelihood through tyrannical regulation and fines against nature.

Interestingly, this was accomplished through jury nullification.  In other words, the State of Minnesota attempted to destroy this all-natural, independent farming entrepreneur, and the jury made the force of the state null and void.

The time for nullification in this country has come.  Our regulations have become unjust and unmanageable.  Our taxes have become unsustainable.  Our governments have been compromised by our corporations and foreign powers.  Our appeals for change are ignored — or we get change for the worse.  In effect, therefore, we no longer have a government for the people by the people.  The last non-violent resort is nullification.  This is where we are at.  Our political system has failed us.  We must nullify.  We must nullify on the state level, on the municipal level, on the county level, and on the individual level — and if we are taken to court because of it, our juries need to nullify unjust laws, as well.

When the government is at war with the individual, it becomes the responsibility of every individual to refuse to comply.

That is what happened here.  Hopefully, this is but the first domino in a cascading chain of events whereby the unconstitutional elements within our government are rapidly and thoroughly rolled back, never to return.


Article linked to the image above.  Make no mistake: when someone tells you that you don’t have the inherent right to defend yourself by any means necessary, then that amounts to the initiation of force against you.  Do not register your guns.  When they come to get them, do not relinquish them.  This administration has declared war on you.  If you surrender, you will be enslaved.  Get ready for a fight.