titleArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

The article that covers the interview I had with Troy Murphy, published on 17 MARCH 2013, was picked up by the emerging news source, Thin Red-Line News.  This is a news repository site, which was announced on the forum on 06 FEBRUARY 2013.

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I have often wondered why the number 666 — a number associated with the Antichrist in Revelation — is linked to the rule of Solomon.  The link above goes to an article that has an interesting take on the issue.

My additional interpretive take:

6 — the number of mankind

66 — the number of human war

666 — the number of power over man

Within 2 generations of royalty within the ancient Israeli state, we go from a state of natural human law with the prophets (6), to a state of constant war with David (66), to a state of «peace» which is not peace — a state of tyrannical domination — with Solomon (666).

The coming of the 666 beast is associated with a new, global royal class.

When you see kings reemerge across the globe, as international organizations consolidate power, you can know that the end is near.