Article by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Tim Wikiriwhi, outspoken Christian Libertarian and prominent member of the New Zealand Libertarianz party of New Zealand, is running for mayor of the City of Hamilton, the fourth largest city in New Zealand.

Mr. Wikiriwhi is a Neo-Jeffersonian, and has been a bona fide freedom fighter for decades.  I’ve interacted with the man personally, and I can say that speaking with this bike riding, metal jamming, straight-shooting kiwi leaves you feeling that the fight for liberty is a zombie apocalypse in which he’s packing a pump 12 gauge of truth against a zombified liberal horde.

The man is leader, not a joiner.  Even with people he respects, he’s doesn’t shrink from dishing out some tough love when it’s called for, much to the chagrin of many of the more intellectually intransigently impecunious among the New Zealand freedom movement (e.g. the SOLO crowd).

This author is very interested to see how this race turns out, and will follow it closely.

Best of luck Mr. Wikiriwhi.  I hope you are able to bring liberty to bear upon your corner of the world.  A pro-freedom victory anywhere in the world is a victory for liberty everywhere in the world.  If you’re the praying type, this would be a good thing to support with your supplications.  I know I will.