DonutCupCopArticle by Barbara Cornell.

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«Justice Dept. to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us;» because: «Demanding warrants would be a burden to law enforcement in addition to ‘the court system.»

That’s right: «Don’t bother us with that…Constitution stuff! Dude! Getting warrants and stuff is such a drag! You’re totally harshing my buzz!»

Dear Mr Law Enforcement Professional,

Obtaining warrants for search and seizure is supposed to be a burden; that’s the whole point: that you can’t invade a person’s privacy unless you actually go to the effort of finding evidence that he’s a danger to someone. The point is: if it isn’t important enough for you to actually get off your duff and work, then it probably is just you being nosy. Due process: that’s what we’re paying you for.

Private Citizen (whose mundane, boring, legal existence is just simply not your business.)

I’m imagining a scenario where I go to my clients and tell them, «But actually doing what you’re paying me to do is…it’s like…work, man! Let’s be reasonable!»