317949-marriage-equalityArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

It has been said that gay marriage is a non-issue being used to distract from larger issues (i.e., the Mon$atan Protection Act).

NOTE: From now on, I am referring to the Monsanto Corporation as «Mon$atan» (thank you, @OrganicLiveFood on Twitter).

There is some truth to this. But here’s the thing. Gay marriage is an important issue — not so much in and of itself, so much as it is important to assert that we will live and let live, in order that we may unite to deal with institutions like Mon$atan and its ilk, and so that we can continue to win over the liberals to the importance of gun rights, etc.

They are using this issue to divide us.

We need to use this issue to unite ourselves.

MONSANTO-300x228«Live and let live!» must become a categorical political axiom if we are going to unite to take down Mon$atan and the gun snatchers.

Among my former college classmates whom I still follow on Facebook, the most adamant opponent of Mon$atan is a guy who happens to be gay. I want to make sure that I am not alienated from this person over something as trivial as gay marriage.

Straight people: gay people are not violating your first amendment rights by getting married.  And Gay people: if a heterosexual thinks that gay marriage is against his religion, he’s allowed to express that which is his religious/ethical belief; so long as he isn’t actively trying to persecute you for yours.

Live and let live.

On those issues which we can unite behind, we will win.

If they successfully divide us, then we will lose.

Live and let live.


monsantoArticle by Reed.

Syndicated from Eternal Vigilance.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reed is a Transegoist sympathizer; not a Transegoist — our syndication of his article does not indicate that he endorses the Transegoist philosophy.

I’m not going to tell you what your politics should be concerning Genetic Engineering and Border Control.  What I am going to tell you is that politically the two topics are identical.

Should a person be able to import snakes if they want them? An importer could easily let the snakes escape and lose control of them. This would have a huge impact on others that do not consent to the importing of snakes.

In the same way, because GE is self replicating and transferable, Genetically engineered organisms could easily escape from controlled environments into the wild. This would have an impact on people who do not consent to GE.

To be consistent you have to be for unregulated borders and unregulated GE or; for regulated borders and regulated GE.

If you are for one and against the other then you have contradictory political views.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article generated a discussion on the original site which brings an important aspect to bear upon this issue.  I have included it below.

Tim Wikiriwhi: Libertarians will argue that laws which protect Property rights are how such matters ought to be ‘regulated’ in a free society. I.e., anyone who imports snakes must take sufficient measures to ensure the snakes remain safely on their property, or face prosecution. The same with GE organisms.  The penalties could be quite severe.

Reed: The severity of penalties would be irrelevant. Without regulation there would be no chance of being caught for releasing a damaging organism into the environment.


MonsantoArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Monsanto, the quintessential «evil corporation,» made over $500,000 in local and federal political contributions in 2012.

This is a corporation that sues organic farmers when their genetically modified swill infects their crops; whereas the reality is that these same organic farmers should be suing Monsanto for damages due to their genetically modified crops reducing the value of their organic crops; as organic crops have been demonstrated to have a much more robust market value than the infestation of GMO at the hands of Monsanto crops, which, incidentally, is also responsible for the disaster that has befallen the bee population.


Now that the consumer has «wised up» to Monsanto’s GMO scam, our government, which, MAKE NO MISTAKE, is acting as a proxy for the Monsanto corporation, has declared war on the American survivalist.

A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma had her survival garden destroyed by government thugs.

A man from North Carolina is being harassed by government goons for heinous crime of living an all-natural lifestyle, and teaching others to do so — learning to live without Monsanto SWILL.

And just in case you think these are isolated cases, and that the government isn’t out to get survivalists, I present for your consideration a sweet little executive order called «National Defense Resources Preparedness

If you don’t buy GMO, and if you have developed the means to survive without Monsanto, then BE ADVISED: your government is AT WAR WITH YOU.