Two Traveling Thoughts — Prose by Aime Lyn Helbane

Some Prose About Two Travelers
I have chosen these two short pieces of prose by Aime Lyn Helbane, which are about two different subjects who,  each in their own ways, are travelers. They don’t merely travel across physical space, but also travel across epistemological and spiritual…


I know that you know me well;
Always watching me like a beast in a cage.
When you stare into my eyes,
Do you see in me a kindred of your soul?

Though my bars I cannot see,
Though your hand of iron is in velvet wrapped,
I feel your constant presence.
A scream of mighty rage wells up within me.

I’ve spoken with your angels;
They do know me well; they have smiled upon me.
We have worshiped The Power.
Together we imbibe The Blood Sacrifice.

Good and Evil I have Known.
I Know The Power is taken, not bestowed.
Blood is my inheritance.
The numbers align — illuminate my soul.

I welcome the Destroyer.

May He come soon.