Freedom Diaries (Operation Paul Revere)

The Operation Paul Revere Contest
Screenshot from the film, “Freedom Diaries,” by Justine Spinoza.
The Operation Paul Revere contest was an indie video festival held by to create and promote pro-freedom videos on the web. It was announced early this year, and recently…


alexjonesEditorial by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Mr. Jones,

Listening to The Alex Jones Show has been my guilty pleasure for some time now, and I have to say, I am feeling less and less guilty about it all the time.  Truth be told, while I do not think that you ever lie, I do think that you do engage in hyperbole from time to time.  That having been said, I find that you are by far the boldest, most vocal, and most consistent voice of freedom in the media today — even including such inveterate luminaries such as Leonard Peikoff, Ron Paul, Charles Koch, and others.  When you were on The Piers Morgan Show, I must admit that I was put off by the way you approached him — yet, in retrospect, that exchange, on a subconscious level, has given me permission to be much more vocal and assertive about my own beliefs.  I am in your debt for that.

One belief, in particular, which we share in common, is that a universal federal gun registry will lead to the end of America as we know her.  I have remained silent about the creeping tyranny in the United States for years, rationalizing that the people get the government that they deserve — which is something which I still believe to a large extent.  However, in spite of this fact, in the interests of preserving liberty for myself and my family, it has become necessary to express with all vociferousness that we will not abide further encroachments to our individual liberties — to those rights which follow from the principle of self-ownership in general, and to our right to bear arms in particular.

While I may not agree with you all of the time, I hereby recognize you as a credible voice for human freedom, and I count myself to be with you all the way until we have taken our government back from the tyrants.

Take heart.  Take power.  Rise above.

Very respectfully,

Mark Ivanovich Rasskazov