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Fasting for spiritual reasons is a concept that is relatively new to me, as it was not part of my religious upbringing. But I’ve come to understand that fasting is a necessary activity. I’ve read quite a few others’ ideas about fasting, but I tend to do things the hard way: I figure it out for myself through trial, error and searching. Things that come any other way just don’t have the same value to me.

It’s been my experience that God never fails to respond to a fast. That’s empirical, direct observation. But I’ve always been interested in the «why» of things. Why would God especially respond to a fast? Does God benefit from my refraining from food? That’s an obvious no.

I’ve heard many say that it is the sacrifice that God responds to, «God always demands a sacrifice.» I’m skeptical. Rarely does God demand a sacrifice for no other reason that the sacrifice itself. Even when he asked for sacrifices of animals on the altar, there was a reason for it: because a thing is only as valuable to us as whatever we’ve given up to get it. You see it all the time. A pair of jeans at WalMart for $15 feels less valuable to us than the very same garment (some blue denim sewn together in the shape of your butt) purchased for $200. Put a $10 price tag on a purse and we think it’s cheap, put a $2000 price tag on the same purse and suddenly it’s a value statement. Studies have proven that people can be given the same wine in two bottles, one making it appear cheap and the other expensive, and people genuinely better enjoy the wine they believe is more expensive.

This verse came to me this morning when I was thinking about why God responds to a fast:

«And he saith, ‘Thy name is no more called Jacob, but Israel; for thou hast been a prince with God and with men, and dost prevail.’ And Jacob asketh, and saith, ‘Declare, I pray thee, thy name;’ and he saith, ‘Why [is] this, thou askest for My name?’ and He blesseth him there.'»
—Genesis 32:28-29

Jacob had been instructed by God to return home to his brother Esau, who was still pretty unhappy about that whole stealing of the family fortune thing, and on the way Jacob knew he was in great danger from his brother, but he went anyway trusting that God would keep his promise to fix that situation. The night before he was going to meet Esau, he stayed up all night and met a «man» (an angel) and wrestled with him all night, refusing to let go of the angel of God until the angel blessed him. And the angel told him he would receive the blessing he asked for, specifically because he stepped up to the battle and endured.

I’ve never heard anyone equate this story with fasting, but it occurs to me that this is at the heart of why God responds to a fast.

You remember the story of the caterpillar? A man sees a caterpillar struggling, wrestling to emerge from his cocoon. The man could easily break the caterpillar out of his cocoon, and it seems pretty cruel for the man not to help, especially since it costs the caterpillar so much to get out but it would cost the man nearly nothing to do it for him, but if the man does help, the caterpillar would certainly die. Because it is the struggle itself that gives the caterpillar the strength to survive.


Article by Mark I Rasskazov.

The video above is the interview I had with Chief Kessler.  Once I got him talking, we ended up speaking on a number of subjects, where he cogently and succinctly explained his views on a number of political and philosophical subjects.

Some of the things we talked about:

c23838d5a26f73db2fd4ff5cb6c0bc2b_mooaObviously, the first thing we talked about was his interpretation of the second amendment, including his interpretation of the «Well regulated militia» clause.

We talked about the proper scope of responsibility of the government, given the constitution.

We talked about what prompted him to become so actively pro-constitutionalist on a national scale.

We talked about Obama and his policies.

We talked about Senator Feinstein and her Facebook page.

We talked about how he got banned from Facebook, and the new social networking site, Awareness Act.

We talked about Sandy Hook, and the parents’ response.

5e39a87359e4263c044f1cfa8dc40225_0h3sWe talked about how in most schools there are no armed guards, and how he was able to get it approved in his local school district.

He talked about his community in Gilberton, PA, and the relationship he has with his local government and his sheriff, as well as his take on Mayor Bloomberg and his ilk.

We talked about the responsibilities and attitudes of elected officials.

We talked about «illegal» guns.

We talked about gun registration and the Dick Act of 1902.

We talked about the Patriot Act.

06eac9103e93fcb297f012dfb200d2c2We talked about Congressional pay, the fact that they play the American people off of each other, and the fact that they vote for unconstitutional laws, as well as what we should do about it.

We talked about the possibility of a confrontation between the people and the government, including where he would stand, how many members of the government who would stand with the people, and how it would compare to the previous civil war.

We talked about the ATF and Waco.

We speculated on the possibility that the ATF’s classification of assault rifles as «machine guns» might represent a move to require a Class III Firearms License to own one.

We talked about the Supreme Court, the Constitution, the Law of the Land, and the legitimacy of the government.

3fc03d92b15b33efc249011d041b9892_o8fsWe talked about the possibility of impeaching president Obama.

We talked about the difference between a police chief and a sheriff, and why police chiefs are much more hesitant to come out publicly for the constitution.

We talked about the Constitutional Security Force, the civilian defense training organization, Fast Tactics, and his pro-freedom intelligence network, Oathbreakers.  We talked about violent crime, and how gun-ownership along with the proper training can help someone come out on top of a violent confrontation, and about how his Constitutional Security Force is partnered with Fast Tactics to provide training for private gun owners.

He closed with a call to action on the part of all liberty lovers to do their part to safeguard their freedoms for themselves, and for their posterity, and strongly reasserted the fact that our second amendment rights are the final safeguard of freedom against tyranny.

Connect with Chief Kessler on his website: [].