Article by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Transegoism is the philosophy of directed self-destruction and reconstruction.

In order to fulfill our destinies as human beings, we must rise above what we are and become what we can be.

Thus, the proper human experience is a linear state of constant becoming within the holistic state of participating in the constant state of The Universal Being.

Human greatness is a phoenix of destructive immortality — not of the objective, but of the subjective — constantly refining its genetic code to greater heights and states of being inconceivable to one’s current understanding.

This is accomplished, not by struggling against the real, but by incisive perception of the real, and adjustment to it — spiritual evolution.

Transegoists believe in the transcendence of the self; not in the sense of the embrace of altruism — an idea which has been a blight upon human existence — but in the sense that:

1.  The individual transcends what he currently is to become what he is destined to be, and

2.  The individual acknowledges the Universal Being which is compiled of all of the real — in the same sense that the individual is compiled by his DNA and individual cells — that he is fundamentally connected to his fellow man and to the Universe as a Whole.

Metaphysically, we believe things are what they are, and that all things are fundamentally connected — that the physical and spiritual realms are two aspects of a single Truth.

Our epistemology is that man has been endowed by the Creator with the ability to comprehend the real, and may use that information to destroy and recreate himself.

Our aesthetic is that art should uplift mankind while enabling us to more deeply perceive and understand the real — and experience what can be created by us from it.

Ethically, we hold that man is a heroic being with a spark of the divine, who must work out in himself what the Universe has destined for him to become.  We believe that man must accept responsibility for himself — not only for what he does, but for what he is; and shape himself according to the level of enlightenment he has achieved.

Politically, we hold that the Universal Personality will emerge as a natural consequence once mankind enjoys a state of perfect individual freedom.

Our motto:

«Take heart!  Take power!  Rise above!»

We are becoming what we are.

We are experiencing the divine.

Rise with us.

The symbol of the Transegoist philosophy