The End-Times Prophesies of the Hopi Indians

Thomas Banyacya — Hopi Traditionalist Interpreter
“Top of Bright Angel Trail,” by Russ Brown.
“In the Hopi teachings, we are told that toward the end of the world, Spider Woman will come back and she will weave her web across the landscape. Everywhere you will see her web….



MonsantoArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Monsanto, the quintessential «evil corporation,» made over $500,000 in local and federal political contributions in 2012.

This is a corporation that sues organic farmers when their genetically modified swill infects their crops; whereas the reality is that these same organic farmers should be suing Monsanto for damages due to their genetically modified crops reducing the value of their organic crops; as organic crops have been demonstrated to have a much more robust market value than the infestation of GMO at the hands of Monsanto crops, which, incidentally, is also responsible for the disaster that has befallen the bee population.


Now that the consumer has «wised up» to Monsanto’s GMO scam, our government, which, MAKE NO MISTAKE, is acting as a proxy for the Monsanto corporation, has declared war on the American survivalist.

A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma had her survival garden destroyed by government thugs.

A man from North Carolina is being harassed by government goons for heinous crime of living an all-natural lifestyle, and teaching others to do so — learning to live without Monsanto SWILL.

And just in case you think these are isolated cases, and that the government isn’t out to get survivalists, I present for your consideration a sweet little executive order called «National Defense Resources Preparedness

If you don’t buy GMO, and if you have developed the means to survive without Monsanto, then BE ADVISED: your government is AT WAR WITH YOU.



Poem by Mark I Rasskazov.

My wounds are tightly bound with tattered cloth.
My firing eye’s unmarred; it sees for miles.
God why are there so few of us today?
Only two of us battletorn remain;
One is still learning the rigors of war.

I duck as my degraded shelter shakes.
I must duck and run to sounder shelter.
I wait until I hear the sweetest sound:
Accelerating flecks of lead hurtling
Toward the gaping, fiery maw before me.

I leave just as the crumbling pillars crack.
A world’s weight of wooden roof crashes down
Upon the spot where I had stood and fought
But a time-dilated moment ago.
No cover; I embrace the ground and crawl.

The world shakes from blood coursing through my veins
Pumping wildly throughout my battered skull.
Every painful old wound has reopened;
The demons will follow my trail of blood.
I scan in vain for shelter from steel rain.

Power born of fury — I break the ground;
God has blessed my desperate, despairing ire.
As dust piles before me it turns to stone.
The beast roars at me with a desperate shout;
Incredulous, fearful — at divine grace.

Six hundred and sixty six bullets break
Shattering helplessly against the stone.
I laugh maniacally as my weapon
Spits burning sulfur; evokes painful screams
From the monstrous ten headed beast of Hell.

My sisters of war flank it from the left;
Powerful, angry and battle ready,
Buoyed by a host of warrior angels.
Shining bayonets slice the scaly necks.
The world’s ablaze; my soul is lifted up.




I have often wondered why the number 666 — a number associated with the Antichrist in Revelation — is linked to the rule of Solomon.  The link above goes to an article that has an interesting take on the issue.

My additional interpretive take:

6 — the number of mankind

66 — the number of human war

666 — the number of power over man

Within 2 generations of royalty within the ancient Israeli state, we go from a state of natural human law with the prophets (6), to a state of constant war with David (66), to a state of «peace» which is not peace — a state of tyrannical domination — with Solomon (666).

The coming of the 666 beast is associated with a new, global royal class.

When you see kings reemerge across the globe, as international organizations consolidate power, you can know that the end is near.


We walk this earth
With fire in our hands;
Eye for an eye.
We are: Nemesis!

We are with you:
Countless vicious souls
Fight; fighting for freedom.
United, we stand. We stand!

We are a legion
Voice of anarchy.
This is revolution;
Creating new disorder.

We are enemy:
Opponent of the system.
Crushing hypocrisy,
Slaying the Philistine.

One for all, all for one.
We are strong, we are one.
One for all, all for one.
We are one: Nemesis!

A malicious fever burns
In our heart, in our veins.
Your blood, my blood;
Our blood runs the same. The same!

One for all, all for one.
We are strong, we are one.
One for all, all for one.
We are one: Nemesis!

We are Nemesis!

One for all, all for one.
We are strong, we are one.
One for all, all for one.
We are one: Nemesis!

—Arch Enemy (Nemesis)

Happy 11SEP12. I hope you thanked a soldier today.