Article by Mark I Rasskazov.

The video above is the interview I had with Chief Kessler.  Once I got him talking, we ended up speaking on a number of subjects, where he cogently and succinctly explained his views on a number of political and philosophical subjects.

Some of the things we talked about:

c23838d5a26f73db2fd4ff5cb6c0bc2b_mooaObviously, the first thing we talked about was his interpretation of the second amendment, including his interpretation of the «Well regulated militia» clause.

We talked about the proper scope of responsibility of the government, given the constitution.

We talked about what prompted him to become so actively pro-constitutionalist on a national scale.

We talked about Obama and his policies.

We talked about Senator Feinstein and her Facebook page.

We talked about how he got banned from Facebook, and the new social networking site, Awareness Act.

We talked about Sandy Hook, and the parents’ response.

5e39a87359e4263c044f1cfa8dc40225_0h3sWe talked about how in most schools there are no armed guards, and how he was able to get it approved in his local school district.

He talked about his community in Gilberton, PA, and the relationship he has with his local government and his sheriff, as well as his take on Mayor Bloomberg and his ilk.

We talked about the responsibilities and attitudes of elected officials.

We talked about «illegal» guns.

We talked about gun registration and the Dick Act of 1902.

We talked about the Patriot Act.

06eac9103e93fcb297f012dfb200d2c2We talked about Congressional pay, the fact that they play the American people off of each other, and the fact that they vote for unconstitutional laws, as well as what we should do about it.

We talked about the possibility of a confrontation between the people and the government, including where he would stand, how many members of the government who would stand with the people, and how it would compare to the previous civil war.

We talked about the ATF and Waco.

We speculated on the possibility that the ATF’s classification of assault rifles as «machine guns» might represent a move to require a Class III Firearms License to own one.

We talked about the Supreme Court, the Constitution, the Law of the Land, and the legitimacy of the government.

3fc03d92b15b33efc249011d041b9892_o8fsWe talked about the possibility of impeaching president Obama.

We talked about the difference between a police chief and a sheriff, and why police chiefs are much more hesitant to come out publicly for the constitution.

We talked about the Constitutional Security Force, the civilian defense training organization, Fast Tactics, and his pro-freedom intelligence network, Oathbreakers.  We talked about violent crime, and how gun-ownership along with the proper training can help someone come out on top of a violent confrontation, and about how his Constitutional Security Force is partnered with Fast Tactics to provide training for private gun owners.

He closed with a call to action on the part of all liberty lovers to do their part to safeguard their freedoms for themselves, and for their posterity, and strongly reasserted the fact that our second amendment rights are the final safeguard of freedom against tyranny.

Connect with Chief Kessler on his website: [].


conf-Large-600x263Article by Richard Goode.

Syndicated from Eternal Vigilance.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Goode is a Transegoist sympathizer; not a Transegoist — our syndication of his article does not indicate that he endorses the Transegoist philosophy.

At the NORML New Zealand conference at Tokaanu last Saturday, Chris Fowlie was elected unopposed to the position of President. As it is written:

And then shall they see the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fowlie coming in a cloud of smoke with power and great glory.

That’s Chris third from the right (at the back) standing behind me on the far right, and Phil Saxby second from the right. NORML issued a post-conference press release.

Scoop Independent News reports:

«New Zealand should regulate cannabis like alcohol and save at least $300 million per year, says the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, New Zealand Inc (NORML).

At its weekend conference at Tokaanu, delegates elected Chris Fowlie of Auckland as President, and Phil Saxby of Wellington as Secretary.

Chris Fowlie was previously President of NORML from 1997-2008 during which time NZ came tantalizingly close to cannabis law reform, has owned and managed The Hempstore for 16 years, and regularly appears in court as an independent cannabis expert witness.»

NORML is optimistic New Zealand is entering a period where cannabis law reform will finally happen here, and so am I, particularly now that we have competent, committed, convivial people with proven track records of activism such as Chris (and Phil, Billy, Gary, Dakta, etc.) running the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. It really is high time.


65591_10151293070271884_597466037_nArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Alvin Schlangen, a sustainable dairy farmer from Minnesota has, in court, stymied the government’s attempt to systematically destroy his livelihood through tyrannical regulation and fines against nature.

Interestingly, this was accomplished through jury nullification.  In other words, the State of Minnesota attempted to destroy this all-natural, independent farming entrepreneur, and the jury made the force of the state null and void.

The time for nullification in this country has come.  Our regulations have become unjust and unmanageable.  Our taxes have become unsustainable.  Our governments have been compromised by our corporations and foreign powers.  Our appeals for change are ignored — or we get change for the worse.  In effect, therefore, we no longer have a government for the people by the people.  The last non-violent resort is nullification.  This is where we are at.  Our political system has failed us.  We must nullify.  We must nullify on the state level, on the municipal level, on the county level, and on the individual level — and if we are taken to court because of it, our juries need to nullify unjust laws, as well.

When the government is at war with the individual, it becomes the responsibility of every individual to refuse to comply.

That is what happened here.  Hopefully, this is but the first domino in a cascading chain of events whereby the unconstitutional elements within our government are rapidly and thoroughly rolled back, never to return.