An editorial by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

This song is part of a series, which I periodically update (when I feel like it), which I call the «TDJ SING-ALONG;» a series of commentaries about songs I find appealing, and which help me illustrate the Transegoist ideology.  Sing along if you know the words!



Thou who wouldst make us devils —
Thou shalt not poison me.
The world hath been persuaded to believe thy heresy.
 I spit in the eye of Satan;
 And I will spit in thine.
 The devils that surround thee,
 Liveth only in thine eye.

 Bad religion; bad religion.
 I need no gods or devils, I need no pagan rites.
 Bad religion; bad religion.
 I need no burning crosses to illuminate my nights.
 Hey!  Hey!
You hear me now — y
ou hear me now.
 Hey!  Hey: for thou art Judas;
 The mark of Cain be on thy brow.

 Evangelistic Nazis, you cannot frighten me.
 The name you take in vain shall judge you for eternity.

 I spit in the eye of Satan;
 Spit right in your eye too.
 You are the spooks you’re chasing.
 You know not what you do.

 Bad religion; bad religion.
 I know you lie!  I know you lie!
 Bad religion; bad religion.
 Thieves and liars:
 Cross my heart, I hope you die.

 If there be such a being,
 Then thou art Anti-christ.
 Turn men against their children,
 Turn beauty into vice.
 I say thy God shall smite thee;
 He will perceive thy lust.
 His wrath shall fall upon thee:
 Thou that betray His trust.

 Bad religion; bad religion.
 I say that thou art liars; Thy souls shall not be saved.
 Bad religion; bad religion.
 Here are the days of thunder: the days that thou hast made.

 Hey!  Hey!
 Base seducers, I see thy greed.
 Hey!  Hey!
 I am more fit for glory than any ten of thee.

When was the last time you took a close look at the things you believe?  When was the last time you stopped proselytizing and genuinely, and without bias attempted to reevaluate your world-view and think critically about what is and isn’t true?  Have you ever thought carefully about what you believe and why, or do you continue to simply accept wholesale everything that you have been taught?  When was the last time you closely and objectively scrutinized the speech and actions of your religious leaders?

Blind belief is treason against God.

Spit in the eye of Satan.

Repent of your bad religion.