Mandatory Labeling: Authoritarianism?

What is it to be an Authoritarian?
“Fading Label,” by Steve Linster.
Am I a closet authoritarian? I don’t think so. But what if I suffer from Capill syndrome? Well, I don’t. No way! Give me liberty, or give me death!!
But isn’t there a little bit of authoritarian in every…

Alloy, of Greenville, TX Releases Neo-Rock Debut

Meet Alloy, the Greenville Neo-Rockers
“Black and White,” album cover art by Alloy.
I had the pleasure of getting to see Alloy perform live in Dallas, TX opening for Black Stone Cherry. There were two other bands who played before they came out, and Black Stone Cherry brought the…

A Basic Overview of Transegoism

A General Overview of the Principles of Transegoism
“C.E.’s Another Heaven,” by Gale Titus.
Although this explanation of the tenets of Transegoism is quite basic, there is an even shorter, more basic explanation that can be found here. Transegoism can also be explained in one sentence: it…

Awareness Act Founder Persecuted by Feds

Interview With the Founder of Awareness Act
On 28 June 2013, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Moore, founder of Awareness Act again, and this time, we had a lot of news to cover, including the fact that he has been persecuted extra-judiciously by the government, that Awareness Act is now…