dhsArticle by the Red Nail.


Red here again, preaching the news that the end times are coming.  I’m certain that there are freaks, geeks, peeps, and the various breeds of pigs who I’m sure have sock accounts looking at this site dreaming of using their flexi-cuffs and batons. Keep dreaming, pigs. Keep dreaming.

How does Red see the end times coming?

Red thinks that there is some really shady stuff going on in the world finance industry. The government, the corporations, the banks, the security agencies, the think tanks; all of them are in it. Sooner or later, your saved money (in the banks) will somehow no longer become yours. As more and more (once middle-class) people are then thrust into poverty, they will put more strain on an already overburdened welfare system. Those that toe the line will keep their basic necessities and be left to scrounge like dogs for anything above that. This will lead to rioting, and most likely, a violent suppression of rights through (dun da da daaaaa….DHS, with their new vehicles and vast armories).

There will be longer lines at the soup kitchens. There will be longer lines for basic medical care. You will owe the government your allegiance for these pittances, and those arrogant heartless bastards will collect. Most of the population is asleep and here is where it becomes a numbers game. If enough awake people stand up, the government will back down, eventually (after numerous atrocities and much freedom lost). If not enough people wake up, those who are awake will be hunted like dogs.

The military has a set number of people (and not all of those will be willing participants in the police state). The law enforcement system has a set number of people. Private security (which is tied right in, nice and cozy, with the government) will be in on it; and numerically speaking, the largest branch of all is really the Department of Homeland Security.

Essentially, to overwhelm the government as they cross the lines of decency and right, we will need about 15% of the population to stand. They have better arms. We have better hearts. They are structured and ruthless. Screw guerrilla tactics. We need gorilla tactics: fast, hard hits of the peoples’ rage released where it needs to be released, in a last ditch scenario. Hopefully, we will never get there. This beast is large, and with many heads. To prevent the worst case scenarios, we need to disrupt the corrupt government and force it to change.

EGYPT-POLITICS-DEMO-TUNISIABlockades and disruptions of courts, law enforcement nests, ports, rigged elections, military bases, military supply production facilities, utility companies, coordinated with web hacks and communication system overloads for a day or two might and I mean might wake up the fed enough to let them know we have been pushed too far and that they are the ones that must change. Still a daunting feat which needs a vast number of people. But unless we stand, they will continue to roll right over us and expect us to be happy about it.

This is not advocating a revolution right now; just potentials, and maybe a way to deter.

Anyway, I hope this piece makes you all feel nice and cozy

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