DonutCupCopArticle by Barbara Cornell.

Syndicated from Barbara Cornell’s personal blog.

«Justice Dept. to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us;» because: «Demanding warrants would be a burden to law enforcement in addition to ‘the court system.»

That’s right: «Don’t bother us with that…Constitution stuff! Dude! Getting warrants and stuff is such a drag! You’re totally harshing my buzz!»

Dear Mr Law Enforcement Professional,

Obtaining warrants for search and seizure is supposed to be a burden; that’s the whole point: that you can’t invade a person’s privacy unless you actually go to the effort of finding evidence that he’s a danger to someone. The point is: if it isn’t important enough for you to actually get off your duff and work, then it probably is just you being nosy. Due process: that’s what we’re paying you for.

Private Citizen (whose mundane, boring, legal existence is just simply not your business.)

I’m imagining a scenario where I go to my clients and tell them, «But actually doing what you’re paying me to do is…it’s like…work, man! Let’s be reasonable!»


  1. Many of my friends and family are in law enforcement, and it doesn’t seem to me that laziness is the issue, it’s more a function of falling victim to the same disease that all government activity does: being one or more generations from the creation of the law, the questions and procedures are ALL about functionality, ie: the letter of the law, and bear not the least consideration to the spirit of the law. Now it’s about getting criminals convicted and no consideration is given to respecting the freedoms of the law-abiding citizens.

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