John-Hurt-in-1984-001An editorial by Mark I Rasskazov.

When censorship comes to this country it will be in the guise of promoting open-mindedness.  This is already happening on the private level, which can be seen on sites like Philosophy Forums and the Sense of Life Objectivists’ Forum.  Now, lest I fail to voice my unwaivering support for individual property rights, I must hasten to mention that these people are 100% within their rights to censor or ban whomever they want, including yours truly.  However, the fact that they so clearly do so — and with such manifestly small minded, retaliatory spite is very telling.  I have been nothing but cordial to these people, yet on SOLO, I have been banned, and on the Philosophy Forums, I have been censored — and I am sure it is only a matter of time before I am banned entirely from that site as well.

radiohead___1984_by_onimatrixIn the meantime, I have been subjected to multiple blatant Ad Hominem attacks, yet those attacks are not censored.  I’m not afraid of these kinds of attacks; I’m more than capable of defending myself and pointing them out for what they are; but it goes to show that having a point of view that isn’t in lockstep-goosestep with the admins is not permitted there.  I would not be so concerned, except that while this kind of thing is rampant in privately hosted debates, there are movements to make this happen on a regulatory level (e.g. the «fairness» doctrine; doublespeak if I’ve ever heard it).

I am simply astounded at the rank insecurity, irrationality, and hypocrisy being demonstrated by the admins there.  I’ll continue to defend my points as long as I am allowed to on that forum, however, I can no longer, in good conscience endorse that forum.  It is my opinion that they are categorically opposed to the idea of philosophical openness and rational debate.  Once I am, inevitably, banned; or once they remove my post describing the philosophy of Transegoism, I will provide an updated account of the discussion that has been going on there.

UPDATE (1700, 06 MARCH 2013):

A different admin on the site has cleaned up some of the more heinous Ad Hominem attacks that were taking place.  It’s possible that this was just the work of a bad admin.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  More on this as it develops.

UPDATE (0842, 08 MARCH 2013):

I received a notification on this site:

«This is an automated PM notification you have requested in your options, it was not written by NeubergCrowley.

NeubergCrowley has moved your topic «Introducing: Transegoism» from General Philosophy to Casual Philosophyesque Discussions»

Really?  «Philosophyesque?»

Yeah.  You can’t beat me in open debate, so you exercise your admin rights to express a pejorative.  That’s all that is.  You’re a real class act, Mr. Crowley.

UPDATE (0935 08 MARCH 2013):

Apparently, labeling a post as «Philosophyesque» causes it to not show up on the «New Posts» thread; which means by doing that they have essentially buried my post.

This is censorship, plain and simple.

My initial assessment has been proven to be correct.  The Philosophy Forum is a colossal disappointment.



  1. So not only do you have ridiculously inconsistent philosophical ideas but you even whine about people pointing it out to you and then mistakenly call them «ad hominems». That people attack your ideas, doesn’t mean they attack you.


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