lossy-page1-225px-Leonard_Peikoff.tiffArticle by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Leonard Peikoff, long recognized as the intellectual heir to Ayn Rand, and arguably the premier voice of Objectivism in the modern world has officially weighed in on gun control legislation.  On 11 February 2013, he released a Podcast (Episode 255 of the «Peikoff» Podcast) which contains statements which strongly indict the gun control movement.

«It is ludicrously irrational to blame guns for this tragedy (Sandy Hook Massacre).  And I have to say, that on this point the Conservatives have overwhelmingly excellent arguments.»

«If the government bans it (guns), then all that happens is that the criminals get to have a monopoly on selling it and owning it.»

Perhaps the best quote:

«I think that there is a definite motive involved in a push for gun control; that it is not just like drug control or prohibition — I think it’s purposeful: to disarm the country, the result of which would be the futility of any attempt to create another American Revolution.»

Mr. Peikoff, it’s good to have you on board with the anti-gun-control movement.  I think your sentiment is right on target.  Your statements on this matter are incisive and succinct, and agreeable to this writer.

Long live the Republic.

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