Editorial by Mark I Rasskazov, Editor in Chief.

Syndicated from Mark I Rasskazov’s personal blog.

I spend a fair amount of time on the Russian social media site, “Vkontakte” (  There, I get to see, first hand, the direction of the Russian Zeitgeist.  What I am seeing there are things that are “incorrect” and “brutal” from a Western perspective, but what would be considered strong signs of health from a Nietzschian perspective.  Observe that as our economy collapses, theirs is taking off.  As our population declines, theirs is exploding.  As our influence wanes, theirs expands.

Look at these memes and ask yourself: what are they doing right, that we are doing wrong?

Translation: “Weak men lead to lovers.  Strong men lead to strong families.”

Translation: “Don’t ever do this.”

Translation: “‘Can you forgive an enemy?  God will forgive!  Our task is arrange the meeting.’ –Al Capone”

Translation: “It’s Monday, you b!tc#.”

Translation: “Was frequently left home alone.”

Translation: “There are two types of people.”  I don’t know enough math to get this — and I’ll bet that, chances are, if you speak English, you probably don’t either; but this is posted to THE most common Russian meme site — most of them DO know enough math to get this.

These people are smarter, stronger, more assertive, more manly/womanly than we are.  I don’t say that to put the USA down — I say that to point out that we need to get our $#!t together.  We need to stop being such pussies.  We need to rediscover our entrepreneurial spirit.  We need to rethink our social mores and personal ethics.  We need to forget guilt and rediscover self-assurance and self-confidence.

Our problems begin in our culture.  We need to look at “miracle” cases like the Russian Federation, and learn from them.

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